Earth to Zayn


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Louis calling to Zayn during their game of paintball

1D paintballing at Bawtry Fields teaser video

"do you know any zouis fanfics when they're in a band and touring not like when they're non-famous and stuff, thanks ! Xx"


This is going to be a very long list!

I’m too lazy to do a summary for all of them but I assure you these are all good :)

conjure up a second heart (to house your sweet pain)

Same Old Shh But A Different Day

Male bonding or whatever


no place quite like here (stay ready)

your finest inspiration

it’s better than i ever even knew

smoke in my lungs (or the echoed stone)

time in a bottle

do you want to make out?

got a lot not to do, let me kill it with you


fixated on the girl with the soft sound

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like us
they never tried like us